Lucrez in Europa and the French Temporary Workers Agency Industry


France has recently debated the issue of the temporary workers agency industry. The debates were prompted by the national referendum on the Lucrez in Europa. The Services Directive has been considered to pose a threat to the industry by social partners. However, a new law has come into effect that regulates temporary agencies as umbrella companies. They are no longer allowed to perform primary recruitment functions. Instead, these agencies are permitted to offer secondary recruitment services. This is a welcome development.

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The legal framework governing the TAW industry is confusing and poorly defined. The French government regulates the sector through a unified employers’ organization and social institutions. In addition, five employees’ trade unions each have sector-specific sections. Both the Democratic Confederation and the Christian Workers’ Confederation are strong voices in the TAW sector. However, they have little representation in the country’s political process. As such, there is no national association that regulates the industry.

Another issue that has been raised by OSHA has to do with the working conditions of temporary workers. Workers placed by temporary workers in hazardous jobs are at higher risk of injuries and retaliation, and temporary staffing agencies and employers share responsibility for the worker’s safety. However, they do have certain requirements that must be met by both parties. OSHA recommends that the agency and employer include responsibilities related to OSHA compliance in their contractual agreement.

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